Ambuscade 2017

The second annual AMBUSCADE! one-day historical miniature wargaming event will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017, in the upstairs Level Up room of Guardian Games in Portland, Oregon. This event is FREE to attend, but donations are greatly appreciated to pay for the rental of the Level Up. 

You may sign-up for one game in Session A and one game in Session B.  Registering is as easy as your name and email address.  Currently there are a maximum of four seats per game available for early sign-up.  This reserve of seats that will be opened up for early sign-ups closer to the day of the event, and allows anyone finding out about the event at the last moment a chance to sign up for a game.


1.   Guns of Liberty (10mm American Revolution) 4 players (Victor C.)
2.   Black Powder (25mm Napoleonic Wars) 6-8 players (Pete F.)
3.   In Her Majesty's Name (28mm Pulp) 4+ players (Hugh S.)
4.   Hail Caesar! (28mm Romans vs. Germanics) 4 players (Alyssa F.)
5.   Rapid Fire (1/72 WW2 North Africa) 4 players (Dave B.)
6.  The Sword & the Flame (28mm Indian Mutiny) 4 players (Randy M.)

1.  Muskets & Tomahawks (28mm French & Indian War) 4 players (Henry T.)
2.  Atomic Blues (28mm Post-apocalyptic game, homebrewed convention rules) 4-6 players (Neil M.)
3.  Black Powder (20mm Crimean War) 4-6 players (Spencer F.)
4. To the Strongest (15mm Battle of Magensia 190 BC) 4-6 players (Jesse L.)
5. Pike & Shotte (15mm Thirty Years War) 4-6 players (Kevin B.)
6. Tarawa! (20mm WW2) 6-8 players (Paul L.)

Guardian Games opens at 10:00a.m. Session A will be 11:00am-3:00pm and Session B will be 4:00pm-8:00pm. There are six tables of hosted games in each session.  Sign-up for Session A games will begin at 10:30am. Sign-up for Session B games will begin after Session A's games are all finished. Please contact Spencer at ambuscade.portland [ a t] gmail if you have any questions.  

The Level Up room is 21+ only and beer and cider can be purchased there. Food is limited to microwavable items and snacks but there are good eateries in walking distance. Maybe pack a sandwich...

AMBUSCADE! seeks to provide the physical space, players, games, and opportunity for historical wargamers in Oregon to meet other area miniature gamers and build the greater Oregon wargaming community. AMBUSCADE! seeks to build the local foundations for a future multi-day hotel-based wargaming convention in Portland.
The first AMBUSCADE! was on December 3, 2016.

Many AMBUSCADE! organizers, hosts, and players, are active members of the Northwest Historical Miniature Wargamers Society (NHMGS).